About Us

Like most things in the South, Little Brown Dog was started out of a tradition. Ashley and Will Batson, who founded Little Brown Dog, had a tradition of hosting a New Year's Eve party at their farm in South Carolina every year. Customarily, the men would quail hunt and ride horses, while the ladies would ride in tow on a vintage mule-drawn wagon and sip on libations. Scarlett, their Boykin Spaniel dog, was the queen of the wagon and like any southern lady she had no problem doing as she wished and being the center of attention which garnered her the name Scarlett O'Hellion. After so many years of hosting the party there was so much excitement around the party they decided to make t-shirts to mark the occasion. Naturally, Scarlett was used as their symbol on the t-shirt. They printed a small batch of shirts for their friends and family who attended the party. A family friend saw their shirt and asked if she could buy some for an event and soon more calls started coming.
Both Will and Ashley always had a passion for apparel and with an eye for design and style they became interested in developing a brand of timeless styled shirts of the highest quality that celebrate the South. They looked everywhere for a superior comfort, American-made shirt. After 2 years of searching for the perfect shirt they found what they were looking for in 2013.  
Scarlett is now 5 years old and spends her days chasing squirrels and being their son's best friend all while she waits for hunting season to begin. 
We are headquartered in Charleston, SC, a city with a rich history in the textile industry and known for its style. We design high quality apparel and accessories that encompasses the exceptional standards that the people of the South have appreciated for centuries. We are a lifestyle brand that celebrates the best of the South, including the sporting culture, the people, and their heritage.